A Playlist: 10 Thoughtfully Curated Songs For A Perfect Romantic Date [Foreign Edition]

A choice playlist for romantic dates

Picture you in a fancy dinner restaurant or a themed amusement park with the most elegant lady in the world. What music would you rather be playing in the background? You can’t go wrong with these picks in the background setting the tone for a night to remember.


Mali Music feat. Jazzman Sullivan – Loved By You

H.E.R – A Hard Place

Brandy – Come A Lil Bit Closer

John Mayer – Say

Khalid – Better

Drake – Controlla

Michael Bolton – Said I Loved You

Mariah Carey – I wanna know what love is

Taylor Swift – Everything has changed

Whitney Houston – Dance with somebody


The ‘madness’ I witnessed at 2018’s Rocktoberfest Lagos!!! [Review]

Rocktoberfest2018 review
Face art at Rocktoberfest2018 Lagos (Image Credit: Twitter/Ken_Pache)

Being a fan of rock music, I had always been keen to attend the much talked about Rocktoberfest.

I finally got to attend the fourth edition of the annual music event that held on Saturday, 27th of October, 2018.

Body and face artworks and design painting, black merchandise tees and loud music greeted me as I strolled in to the venue. Continue reading “The ‘madness’ I witnessed at 2018’s Rocktoberfest Lagos!!! [Review]”