Everyday Business Lessons – About Customer Experience And Product Quality

With reference to what Warren Buffett spoke about at a small business summit, as much as Customer Experience (CX) and delighting customers is essential to business success and longevity, I’d say product quality or service quality is equally key.

There is a particular food vendor whose attitude to customers and employees could be quite a turn off despite her food being tasty. At a point, I decided to stop patronizing her, but I guess the food quality and customer experience (in terms of a clean eating environment) took me back.

I learned to overlook the attitude and other shortcomings. Businesses shouldn’t have to choose between good CX and product/service quality. Both are mutually vital to the success of a business over time. My thoughts.

One thing Uber, Bolt is not looking at in wooing more customers

Uber vs Bolt - Fight for market share
The two ride hailing giants in Nigeria are overlooKing in-car entertainment in form of visual on-demand experiences. Though customers are likely to have their own personal entertainment on the go with their mobile phones, that doesn’t stop Uber and the likes having an entertainment system in place.
You’d be surprised how this drives customer loyalty. And although this is something that could immediately be replicated by the next competitor, I like to believe first mover’s advantage counts more often than not.