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The ‘madness’ I witnessed at 2018’s Rocktoberfest Lagos!!! [Review]

Rocktoberfest2018 review
Face art at Rocktoberfest2018 Lagos (Image Credit: Twitter/Ken_Pache)

Being a fan of rock music, I had always been keen to attend the much talked about Rocktoberfest.

I finally got to attend the fourth edition of the annual music event that held on Saturday, 27th of October, 2018.

Body and face artworks and design painting, black merchandise tees and loud music greeted me as I strolled in to the venue.


A tribute to my lovely grandma Caroline

A grandma illustration (Credit:

The shock of you passing away broke me.
No, you didn’t have to go the way you did.
Life once again rears its ugly head.
I somewhat feel guilty for your loss.
I knew you could have used some help but I left it to chance.
I let the thought of not being able to afford a care provider for you get in the way.
Oh how wrong I was. You clearly needed help.

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The funny yet dead serious tale of a Nigerian talent manager, Wale Applause

Wale Applause (L) had quite a lot to say about managing Lil Kesh (R), artist management in Nigeria and more

As a young ‘Naija’ music fan looking at the Nigerian music industry from the outside, you tend to see it as all glamorous and shiny — the expensive cool whips and houses the musicians and record label execs flaunt about on social media, the beautiful ladies in their music videos etc etc

You think to yourself…it doesn’t get any better for these guys — the managers, artists, hypemen, DJs and so on.

But King Wale Applause, a largely unknown talent manager, begs to see otherwise.

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