A Playlist: 10 Thoughtfully Curated Songs For A Perfect Romantic Date [Foreign Edition]

A choice playlist for romantic dates

Picture you in a fancy dinner restaurant or a themed amusement park with the most elegant lady in the world. What music would you rather be playing in the background? You can’t go wrong with these picks in the background setting the tone for a night to remember.


Mali Music feat. Jazzman Sullivan – Loved By You

H.E.R – A Hard Place

Brandy – Come A Lil Bit Closer

John Mayer – Say

Khalid – Better

Drake – Controlla

Michael Bolton – Said I Loved You

Mariah Carey – I wanna know what love is

Taylor Swift – Everything has changed

Whitney Houston – Dance with somebody


8 reasons why Lagos is currently unfit to be called a city (TRANSPORTATION EDITION)

  1. No cashless payment options for mass transit buses
  2. Rickety buses unfit even for transporting animals
  3. Bad Bad Bad roads
  4. Not enough mass transit buses plying different routes in the state
  5. Limited routes on the waterways
  6. An inadequate rail transport system
  7. The human factor of irresponsibility and unprofessionalism
  8. Indiscriminate air and noise pollution from vehicles and lack of will from responsible enforcement agencies to exert authority in such areas.

Flexible health cover for you and loved ones!

Affordable monthly health insurance provider in Nigeria


Health Maintenance Organizations better known as HMOs are generally accessible by full-time Nigerian employees in corporate organizations, leaving out groups such as contract workers, and interns. The informal work sector including market women and artisans are usually also left out of health insurance.

Not having a health insurance plan can lead to heavy health cost implications if you are to come down with critical illness or injury due to accident, where you have to pay out of pocket.

A popular excuse the average Nigerian comes up with is that the HMO health insurance plans are too expensive, and also that they feel cheated when they can’t have their money back if they don’t get to visit the hospital for treatment.

Thankfully, the team at RelianceHMO have listened and are offering flexible payments on a monthly so you can budget with that if your income flow comes in monthly; there is also quarterly payment if the monthly plan is rather inconvenient for you.

Image result for reliance hmo

Also, as a reward for staying healthy for 12 months, RelianceHMO is offering you 20% returns cashback – I think that’s a fair deal. You also have the reward option of a discount on your payment plans instead of the cashback option if you so wish.

Another thoughtful benefit from going with relianceHMO is a free chat service where you can talk with doctors and get prescriptions in real time. This service is accessible via its reliance care app or on their website. What’s more? The longer you stay on board, the more health benefits you get without paying extra.

Take advantage of this well thought out offerings from relianceHMO and start seeing money spent on your health as an investment indeed, not an expense. Afterall as you already know, Health Is Wealth – No cliche.


5 Nigerian businesses taking advantage of technology to better your health

Technology is ever evolving and with this advancement also comes improvement of the health conditions of humans.

A number of tech-enabled health-focused startups have sprung up in Nigeria having identified some of the associated challenges facing health care in the country.

Here are a couple of them you should be aware of:


Life Bank

Image result for Life Bank

Founder, Temie Giwa-Tubosun and her team have been in the business of saving lives by connecting blood donors with patients in dire need of blood. In addition, oxygen is also being delivered to those in need. The service launched in 2016 with Lagos as the pivotal city. For more info, you should visit https://lifebank.ng


Wella Health

Wella health is in the business of stamping out malaria by connecting you to malaria test kits through nearby pharmacies. It aims to kick out drug abuse which could happen when people result to self-medication in the name of treating malaria they assume is what is bothering them when they experience some malaria symptoms.
Visit wellahealth


Safer Mom

Image result for Safer Mom

As the name may have given away, this business was inspired by the need to keep moms and their children healthy and alive through health education. With Safer Mom, pregnant moms can monitor and track their pregnancy and the development of their baby (for children up to 1 year), while providing them with vital healthcare information in order to make informed health decisions regarding their child(ren). Healthcare providers are able to interface with these mothers on a real-time basis. Visit SaferMom



Image result for Find-a-Med

Find-a-Med is like Google maps, but for health facilities that enables people to easily locate the nearest medical facilities around them. In addition it provides other features such as record keeping of users’ health information, enables users narrow their search for specific healthcare providers (e.g. search for nearest pharmacies, search for nearest optic centre, etc). Find-a-Med is a product of JumpSpace Communications, co-founded by Emeka Onyenwe. Download on Google Play Find-A-Med


Kangpe Health

Image result for kangpe health

Kangpe is a mobile app which connects you with a large database of qualified doctors who are on ground to lend a listening ear to your health complaints and challenges, with the aim of finding a solution to your problem. You’ll find the app as Kangpe for Doctors on google play.  The good guys at Kangpe appear to be the owners or partners with Reliance HMO, who offer monthly plans as well as quarterly and annual for health insurance convenience purposes.

Other notable mentions include Helium Health, Flying Doctors,  Mobidoc  and Omomi  among others.

YSBT Weekly: J.Cole and 6Lack are the ultimate rap pair in ‘Pretty Little Fears’

The lyrics accompanying a song are like gold when you get it right. J Cole and 6lack were simply sublime with the lyricism in this beautiful love themed rap duet ‘Pretty Little Fears’ off the album  “

Fans of the song tend to enjoy J.Cole’s verse more but take nothing away from 6lack’s verses.

This Rap Ballad makes you appreciate the idea of love from the perspective of a black couple. The words (lyrics) speak volume and convey emotions so real you can almost touch it.

Allow me to indulge your ears with some good music provided by this talented rap duo with the ace production of T-Minus.


You Should Bump This (YSBT) Weekly: Yinka Bernie — Rockstar (feat. AYLØ)

Hey guys, hope y’all been having a profitable week. I bring to you this week’s jam you should totally be bumpin’ to. It’s from a young talented Nigerian lad, a skilful producer, engineer & singer. Goes to say he wears three musical hats pretty well. I remember interviewing Yinka while I was at Pulse Nigeria. The dude was all laidback like he couldn’t be stressed by anything.

Aided by another fantastic bubbling artist AYLØ, Yinka delivers ‘Rockstar’ with some deft sampling, that would get you nodding instinctively to the catchy beat. Without further ado, BUMP to the unique sounds of Yinka Bernie and AYLØ.


You Should Bump This Weekly Series (#YSBTweekly) – Pilot Episode

Hello there, so I thought of an idea where I share one song I think y’all should be bumping to by weekend.  Yeah it’s that simple. Hoping to be consistent on this one, and finding a regular time to publish. Rest assured these song selections would find their place on those cool playlists of yours. It’s essentially going to be music with no geographical boundaries. So I could be hitting you with music from the Caribbean this week and the next, music from Southern Africa. Also, the music picks don’t necessarily have to be spanking new. It could be a year old or even a decade long old. That’s the beauty of this idea.

First stop is this one titled ‘I Wish I Missed My Ex’ by Mahalia, a British singer, songwriter and actress who is actually quite prolific having a number of records to her name. I’m as a matter of fact still exploring her discography.

‘I Wish I Missed My Ex’ is a hippy and relatable feel-good love song most folks can relate to. And even if you can’t relate because you are not yet having romantic relationships or you have a good thing going on with your partner, you will still love and bump to the song.

Check out the tune below:

For a breakdown of how she made the song along with getting a hang of the song’s lyrics should you not be sure about a particular line, you can head on to the good guys at Genius.

Tomi Owo, Oxlade, Omagz: Nigerian Artists making music almost ‘unreal’

These are not your everyday Nigerian musicians, not your Wizkids and Davidos, but their music speaks volumes only good music enthusiasts would appreciate.

The average Nigerian music listeners as much as they appreciate music that makes us shake our bum, we also appreciate music that speaks to our soul, that’s what the music of Tomi Owo, Oxlade, Omagz among many others does.

These guys are relatively unpopular by all standards, still growing their fan base, still grinding, putting out beautiful music and getting better on their craft.


Tomi Owo is on the verge of dropping a debut (LP) album after blessing us with cover songs, collaborations and a couple of songs of her own. One thing I can say about her is she’s got an incredible management that’s getting her some really cool gigs. She has even performed out of  Nigeria, in far away China.  Tomi has worked with Samsung, her music has been used as a soundtrack in a Nigerian movie in which she even acted in. The future is bright for this talented beauty.

Omagz has been steady building momentum with his music, the R&B music styled act’s vocals is one you can’t duplicate. He does it so damn well when he sings about relatable stories such as those bothering on relationships.


Oxlade came from nowhere blowing my mind away with the song ‘Ojoro’, a song detailing just what his intentions are in the music business and also how much of a talent he is, so much Davido acknowledged him, saying something along the lines of ”Where have you been all the while” which kind of suggests he may just be unveiled as a DMW act if he keeps things consistent.


These trio are just a selected few out of many other buzzing talents out there. Given more exposure and support structure, these class of artists are set to take the industry by storm.

GREYMATE: Let these pros take care of your elderly ones while you get your hustle on

Imagine a situation where your concentration at work doesn’t have to be divided because you know grandma would have someone to guide her when taking a stroll to visit a friend in the neighborhood.

Picture a scenario where you are not worried about your grandpa wanting to attend a wedding of an old friend’s grandson because there is a trusted person to accompany him.

You are at peace because there is trained personnel to take them to their doctor’s appointment or help remind them to take their prescribed medications as at when due.

I write this with some regret and yet a sense of purpose. I ought to have engaged the helpful service of such a care provider like Greymate for my now late grandmother. I knew she needed a service like this, even when she often writes off the idea of needing some professional care. I took it all for granted and let her be, telling myself such service would be too costly to afford anyway. *Sigh*

Given the circumstances surrounding her demise, I believe she may have still been around if we had rallied round to get her some professional care.

A useful service for the elderly, diasbled - greymate care
An elderly man getting professional Greymate Care service

So when I say with Greymate care, you have one less thing to worry about, you should know I speak from a place of pain and yet obligation to inform others who still have their loved one around to take advantage of services like this.

Greymate is a highly efficient care agency in Nigeria devoted to caring for the vulnerable (above 13 years), elderly, weak, disabled and those recuperating from an ailment or medical treatment, leveraging on state-of-the-art infrastructure, technology and highly trained staff.

So they are not just caring for the elderly but even the vulnerable young and disabled in society.

They class their services into Companionship services, Personal Care services and Home Help services. And there is the option of 24/7 care if you so want, it’s pretty customizable with Greymate Care.

Check them out on their website for more details, and please Spread the word.

Can’t our musicians make a hit without profanity in their songs?

Lil Kesh and Olamide had no business putting out a song like ‘Logo Benz’. The excuse of trying to portray what is going on in the society does not fly. The delivery of the lyrics begs to differ.

Codeine diet by DJ Enimoney promoting drug abuse is ridiculously popular among the same youths we’re trying to get away from drug abuse.

Can profanity in our Nigerian music be taken out totally?
Tiwa Savage in music video of ‘Codeine diet'(Youtube)


These lyrics subconsciously play on the minds of young ones who may know better but are overthrown by peer pressure.

There is only so much the NBC can do.

Making irresponsible music should not be the way to go. Yet you see brands giving endorsement deals to these musicians because they put popularity first before values.

We are all guilty of one moral decadence or the other, but the point here is to try and do better.

And as much as the obscenity in music is there, the consumers of the music also have a responsibility to discern what is right and what’s not. It behooves on us to chasten each other in love as much and tell ourselves that as much as we enjoy this music, and love these artists, we cannot afford to let any toxic music coming from any artist influence our behaviors negatively

Mind over matter.

Yours musically.