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In Judah The EP, Mr Incredible Only Reinforces His Already Familiar Genius

MI Abaga aka Mr Incredible aka Mr Short Black Boy barely needs no introduction as he’s rightly cemented his place in Nigerian music’s upper echelon with the collection of studio and compilation albums,mixtapes, EPs and playlists, which have bestowed upon him numerous awards and recognition.

Judah comes with a rather familiar theme, one we have seen in his previous projects, one that rallies around his values – which is love and  loyalty to those he identifies as family.

The 8-track project boasts some stellar production, fine ass rapping and storytelling in between.

Judah is seen as a transition album meaning one that marks his departure from where the short black boy has called home for over a decade – ‘Chocolate City Music’ to his newly launched label ‘Incredible Music’.

MI enlists the super dope AQ, a fast-rising rap star Alpha Ojini and a couple other acts on this EP.

The parable starts us off with some storytelling illustration that leads us rightly to the next track The Lion where MI cements his place amongst the music greats amidst the backstabbers and fakes in the music jungle.  Abaga makes it clear that he’s one step ahead of them as the King he undoubtedly is.

It’s far from unsurprising  to see Abaga take shots at some unnamed ‘snakes’ in the industry on the track ‘The Commandment’. MI features a relatively unknown act in Buckyraw to drive the point home. 

The shade continues in ‘The Trinity’ featuring AQ. Both rappers roast their foes on this very Hip-Hop ‘make you wanna bump your head to’ savage track. 

The Blood exemplifies the proverbial saying ’There is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother”, suggesting an unsettled rift between the incredible Abaga brothers – MI and Jesse Jagz. MI’s true loyalty to his own, for as many as will stay through to the end. Abaga likens the loyalty to the type of love Jesus preached and taught, paraphrased as ‘’Ain’t no greater love than that which involves laying down his life for his brother”.  

The Sacrifice featuring another new cat Nawe sees MI take us through some love-gone-wrong relationship. The legend shows us his familiar emotional side.

The Warrior features an unpopular voice in a singer named Kauna.  Here MI admits he is not a god but one who through sticking with his guts, vision and conviction was able to overcome the adversity and hurdles in the exciting but tough industry that comes with winning and becoming legendary.  

On The Tribe MI talks about family he calls Judah. In Judah he sees his fans, which includes burgeoning rapper, Alpha Ojini who tells his personal admiration story of Mr Incredible right on the track 

Placed side by side with Judah and  the preceding project A Study On Self Worth: Yxng Dxnzl, there are some overlapping themes MI showcases, which centre around self-worth, self-belief, courage, excellence, loyalty and love.  

Judah EP is a well put together playlist, another feather on the cap of the music maestro Jude ‘Mr Incredible’ Abaga.

Amidst the storytelling, wisdom nuggets, obvious and not so obvious shades, it would be said that in Judah The EP,  Mr Incredible only reinforces his already familiar genius.

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