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Your business can benefit a great deal through engaging and persuasive writing that benefits the reader while generating expected sales.

At Frontline Editorial services, we strive to present your copy in the best possible light by highlighting the problem, agitating it and presenting a solution, which is your product or service.

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Based on competence and considerable experience:

Dollar rates
$0.10 per word = $50 per 500 words

Naira rates 
N4 per word = N2000 per 500 words


A writer will always need an editor. This is because there will be unintentional bias as he reads his own write-up, making him blind to his own errors.

At Frontline Editorial services, we give you an extra pair of dependable eyes to make certain your write-up comes out even better.

Frontline editorial services - copyediting and proofreading services
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Services include proofreading, copy editing and developmental (line) editing for your academic, fictional and non-fictional books, and other manuscripts.


Naira rates 

Line editing/Rewriting (Fiction and Non-fiction) – N5 per word; Proofreading and Copy-editing (Academic, Fiction and Non-fiction) – N4 per word

Dollar rates

Copy-editing:  $0.03 per word (3 cents per word) = $3 per 100 words

Developmental and Line editing: $0.04 per word (4 cents per word) = $4 per 100 words


Copy-editing – $4 per page

Developmental and Line editing – $8 per page


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