Movie Review – The Son (El Hijo)

I love thrillers! Heck! Who doesn’t love a good psychological trip? That was what this movie I downloaded from the Netflix app was supposed to give a good dose of.

I have been on a binge of RomComs (Romantic Comedy) and Intense action movies, so seeing this suspense promising flick was a welcome breather.

The movie storyline revolves around a Spanish couple based in Argentina. The husband, an avid painter, and a father (Lorenzo) of two sons to an ex-wife, now married to another woman, (Sigrid) a biologist.

At first, everything seems peaceful with the couple until the couple begins to expect the birth of a boy.

The plot begins to unravel as the expecting mother starts acting all weird and psycho, over-protective of her pregnancy, and alienating her husband from the process.

It begins to get very mysterious quick when Lorenzo gets shut out from his own baby’s birth which the couple had agreed to have him delivered at home. This was before Lorenzo catches his wife injecting her belly with some unknown fluid.

Review: the-son-netflix-review-thriller

I’m loving the suspense at this point, though some clues have been given to us along as to why Sigrid was acting funny. She revealed she once had a miscarriage, and also her educational background gave her some confidence on how she could nurse her baby outside the walls of the hospital.

But it still felt like there was something more, and that made the story worth seeing to the end.

Lorenzo was a recovering drunkard, he had been sober for at least two years, but that was not enough to vindicate him when he would be accused of domestic violence by his wife. Lorenzo had enough of his wife’s crazy over-protective behavior particularly when he sensed his infant son was sick and needed to be taken to the hospital. He marched into the mystery basement where the son had been in for about six months, and with some resistance against the hired midwife and his wife, who happened to attack him leaving him with a cut, he got the baby to the hospital.

After certifying the baby was fine, on getting home, Lorenzo gets a restraining order from entering his home, and away from his son and wife, who filed the complaint.

Sigrid showing how insane she was went as far as presenting a substitute child in place of her son, making Lorenzo go bonkers, and eventually ending up dead in search of the truth.

To wrap things up, the truth doesn’t seem to get out about what was going on in the mystery lab where it seemed (from other reviews online) Sigrid was cloning children or something.

Lorenzo’s friend and lawyer who was made godparents of ‘the son’ alongside her husband, two years later, spotted the equally creepy and crazy midwife who was Sigrid’s accomplice in town and traced her stealthily to a house where it appears Lorenzo’s real son was. And as the writers would have it that was their idea of suspense and thriller because we were not allowed to see what Lorenzo’s lawyer friend discovered looking in secretly from an outside window.

What we could deduce was that it was not Lorenzo’s son the godparents had been raising for about two years after his wife and the midwife vanished into thin air.

And we could only wonder if there’s any truth to our assumptions about the motives of Lorenzo’s killer wife.

It’s a crazy crazy end to a movie, I was pissed off but then that was the idea of the director whom I believe had the final say. I could appreciate that. It got a lot of people talking at least.

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