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5 tips for ensuring you do not go broke this Xmas in Nigeria

5 tips to make you not go broke this december and xmas
Broke ass nigga (Credit: Shutterstock)

Xmas is in the air!

It’s that time of the season when you begin to hear tons of radio ads inviting you to one event or the other – music concerts, weddings (bring on the aso-ebi craze), reunion parties and so on.

No doubt it’s good to celebrate after all the hard work throughout the year; Heck, even God delights in merriment, when done according to His will of course. But as we all know, with festivities comes a lotta spending, and if not mindful, you may go broke into the new year.

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Annual rent gradually becoming old skool

Fibre is a leading startup for monthly rent payments
Fibre is a leading startup for quarterly rent payments (Image credit: Twitter/Techcrunch)

Housing in Nigeria as of today is a major headache for the average guy out there. There are so many problematic areas.

Social housing is next to zero. Mortgaged properties are practically non-existent and out of reach from the common man.

Landlords are steady collecting annual rent, knowing well that most people are not paid annually, which makes it very difficult to cough out the rent (and other associated fees) conveniently.

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