Wake-up Call To Nigeria On Sanitizing Her Air Quality

The only reason Coronavirus is causing tension and getting the attention is due to its infectious nature, urgency and how viral it is.

Air pollution from gaseous volatile compounds like CO2, NO2, CO, CH4, SO2 that come from sources like bush burning, vehicular emissions, public smoking, etc don’t get the attention because their potentially devastating health effects are usually not seen immediately.

But there is cause for worry because pollution from these sources not only weakens the immune system in a gradual fashion, but also wreak havoc on the body bringing their own unique short-term, medium-term and long-term diseases.

Dirty fuels in vehicles put millions of Nigerians in danger ...
Vehicles emitting smoke on Lagos-Ibadan Expressway and Apapa road. Inset: John sitting, in pink top. Photos: ’Femi Asu (Punchng.com)

This kind of pollution equally takes place indoors with fumes from cooking oils, insecticides and dust particles, so this is as much as a government responsibility as it is every citizen’s.

Needless to say, our health system is in a state of immediate need for attention as COVID-19 has shown even more clearly with our leaders reportedly getting flown from a Federal Capital Territory to ‘God knows where’ to seek better healthcare services.

Once again this is a wake-up call to take our health more seriously at every level from as basic as proper hand hygiene, to deliberate policies by the government at all levels to keep air pollution down in both rural and urban areas of the country.

Priorities need to be set right. Air pollution and other forms of pollution need to be holistically addressed.

Health is wealth.

BODY GOALS: Nigerians And Their Struggle For Flawless Skin

Everyone wants to come off looking fresh with flawless and glowing skin all the time.

Unfortunately, all that yummy goodness from the Pepperoni Pizza you love all too well would not let your smooth skin be awesome due to the saturated fat in the cheese.

The face which is more often than not the first point of contact in our interaction with others is usually the body part that gets a bashing from skin breakouts.

Imagine what it could do to your self-confidence striking up a convo with a damsel at work or at an owambe party having an unsightly bump somewhere across your cheek?

More worrying are the scars and blemishes the pimples and other skin diseases leave behind after clearing out as this detailed article by a skin specialist points out.

Pimples breakout (Photo credit: Nigeria Galleria)

Some folks attribute the constant breakouts on their face to hereditary factors so much they give up fighting, seeing it as their fate.

Then there is the other factor asides diet which involves misguided application of certain creams on the skin and its consequent effects.

African females are chiefly the culprit here, Nigerian ladies in particular, who mess around with their natural set skin only to end up with a disastrous look after all is said and done.

Source: quickanddirtytips.com

In this part of the world, some Nigerian women out of sheer insecurities and lack of self-esteem have been reported attempting to transform their natural dark skin colour to a lighter tone with bleaching creams. The use of these seemingly harmless chemicals has skyrocketed over the past decade.

Beautiful Nigerian lady who started bleaching at 19 reveals why she stopped Photo Source: Teniola Kashaam

You could easily walk on the road and spot a lady with two obviously contrasting skin complexions – picture a face as bright as Michael Jackson’s (No offence) matched with a natural dark skinned pair of legs.

Amongst the legit skin and beauty entrepreneurs are some mindless bunch in the business who sell products with the promise of enhancing your appearance with skin lightening products but end up disfiguring the looks of young impressionable women.

It tells you there is cause for concern because these otherwise natural skin lightening creams are either adulterated or unregulated to the detriment of unsuspecting consumers who just want to appear more attractive.

To confirm the craze and demand for skin lightening products by Nigerian ladies, in 2018 American model Blac Chyna made her way down to Nigeria to launch her skin lightening face cream.

Blac Chyna (L) and Dencia ® (Photo source : dcodedtv)

She did this in collaboration with a controversial Nigerian-Cameroonian singer known as Dencia whom herself is in the cosmetic business of selling skin brightening products..

The intention of this write-up is not to condemn skin lightening as a beauty regimen for dark-skinned folks, rather it’s to educate and inform you.

In that light there are two often mixed up concepts related to skin lightening – Toning and bleaching.

There is a difference between toning and bleaching of the skin.

Toning involves using toners, washes, lotions, and serums to cleanse the skin. The process helps shrink pores. In some cases people tone (some based on dermatologist’s prescription) to even out uneven skin tone, correct dark spots, discolorations and so on.

Toning should be viewed as part of a skin cleansing process because it benefits the skin, gets rid of dead skin cells and reveals a newer, clearer, cleaner and fresher skin. It automatically brightens dull skin as well.

Skin bleaching, however, involves using chemicals to lighten/whiten the skin. Skin bleaching products in the form of cream, soap, washes and more often contain harsh and toxic chemicals that strips and exposes the skin, disrupting melanin production amongst others.

A common ingredient for bleaching is Mercury, a chemical that can cause skin thinning, premature skin aging, and acne (pimples) reactions amongst other unpleasant effects when abused.

But like earlier noted, it shouldn’t have to be all hopeless and gloomy.

With the right consultative advice from a health-focused platforms like webMD, Livestrong, emedihealth, unwanted breakouts and skin disorders can be contained.

In the final analysis, that old cliche ‘Prevention is better than cure’ does help make life much easier.

And in this case, prevention is by getting credible health-related education online where it is easily accessible.

This keeps more money in your pockets and that priceless beaming smile on your face 🙂

Flexible health cover for you and loved ones!

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Health Maintenance Organizations better known as HMOs are generally accessible by full-time Nigerian employees in corporate organizations, leaving out groups such as contract workers, and interns. The informal work sector including market women and artisans are usually also left out of health insurance.

Not having a health insurance plan can lead to heavy health cost implications if you are to come down with critical illness or injury due to accident, where you have to pay out of pocket.

A popular excuse the average Nigerian comes up with is that the HMO health insurance plans are too expensive, and also that they feel cheated when they can’t have their money back if they don’t get to visit the hospital for treatment.

Thankfully, the team at RelianceHMO have listened and are offering flexible payments on a monthly so you can budget with that if your income flow comes in monthly; there is also quarterly payment if the monthly plan is rather inconvenient for you.

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Another thoughtful benefit from going with relianceHMO is a free chat service where you can talk with doctors and get prescriptions in real time. This service is accessible via its reliance care app or on their website. What’s more? The longer you stay on board, the more health benefits you get without paying extra.

Take advantage of this well thought out offerings from relianceHMO and start seeing money spent on your health as an investment indeed, not an expense. Afterall as you already know, Health Is Wealth – No cliche.


5 Nigerian businesses taking advantage of technology to better your health

Technology is ever evolving and with this advancement also comes improvement of the health conditions of humans.

A number of tech-enabled health-focused startups have sprung up in Nigeria having identified some of the associated challenges facing health care in the country.

Here are a couple of them you should be aware of:


Life Bank

Image result for Life Bank

Founder, Temie Giwa-Tubosun and her team have been in the business of saving lives by connecting blood donors with patients in dire need of blood. In addition, oxygen is also being delivered to those in need. The service launched in 2016 with Lagos as the pivotal city. For more info, you should visit https://lifebank.ng


Wella Health

Wella health is in the business of stamping out malaria by connecting you to malaria test kits through nearby pharmacies. It aims to kick out drug abuse which could happen when people result to self-medication in the name of treating malaria they assume is what is bothering them when they experience some malaria symptoms.
Visit wellahealth


Safer Mom

Image result for Safer Mom

As the name may have given away, this business was inspired by the need to keep moms and their children healthy and alive through health education. With Safer Mom, pregnant moms can monitor and track their pregnancy and the development of their baby (for children up to 1 year), while providing them with vital healthcare information in order to make informed health decisions regarding their child(ren). Healthcare providers are able to interface with these mothers on a real-time basis. Visit SaferMom



Image result for Find-a-Med

Find-a-Med is like Google maps, but for health facilities that enables people to easily locate the nearest medical facilities around them. In addition it provides other features such as record keeping of users’ health information, enables users narrow their search for specific healthcare providers (e.g. search for nearest pharmacies, search for nearest optic centre, etc). Find-a-Med is a product of JumpSpace Communications, co-founded by Emeka Onyenwe. Download on Google Play Find-A-Med


Kangpe Health

Image result for kangpe health

Kangpe is a mobile app which connects you with a large database of qualified doctors who are on ground to lend a listening ear to your health complaints and challenges, with the aim of finding a solution to your problem. You’ll find the app as Kangpe for Doctors on google play.  The good guys at Kangpe appear to be the owners or partners with Reliance HMO, who offer monthly plans as well as quarterly and annual for health insurance convenience purposes.

Other notable mentions include Helium Health, Flying Doctors,  Mobidoc  and Omomi  among others.