Everyday Business Lessons – About Customer Experience And Product Quality

With reference to what Warren Buffett spoke about at a small business summit, as much as Customer Experience (CX) and delighting customers is essential to business success and longevity, I’d say product quality or service quality is equally key.

There is a particular food vendor whose attitude to customers and employees could be quite a turn off despite her food being tasty. At a point, I decided to stop patronizing her, but I guess the food quality and customer experience (in terms of a clean eating environment) took me back.

I learned to overlook the attitude and other shortcomings. Businesses shouldn’t have to choose between good CX and product/service quality. Both are mutually vital to the success of a business over time. My thoughts.

One thing Uber, Bolt is not looking at in wooing more customers

Uber vs Bolt - Fight for market share
The two ride hailing giants in Nigeria are overlooKing in-car entertainment in form of visual on-demand experiences. Though customers are likely to have their own personal entertainment on the go with their mobile phones, that doesn’t stop Uber and the likes having an entertainment system in place.
You’d be surprised how this drives customer loyalty. And although this is something that could immediately be replicated by the next competitor, I like to believe first mover’s advantage counts more often than not.

Copywriting sample : Awesome Dentals

Dental care business copywriting sample practice

A copywriting sample

So you know how you meet that babe that ticks all the right boxes you have listed  – smart, funny, sexy, tall, pretty….. You are beyond excited cos you’ve finally met her – The One! Except maybe not, she’s got that dentition which doesn’t sit well with you – yellowing coloration off her teeth.


 You sigh. You can’t imagine kissing through that in the name of love. You’re sad because that’s a deal-breaker for you. Now it’s back to square one with finding your ‘Cinderella’.


Hold on a second there, it doesn’t have to be all gloomy and starting over again. Be ready to put a smile back on that face because AWESOME DENTALS is your ‘Mr Fix It’ to the rescue.


At Awesome Dentals, you can rest assure all your dental related worries –  bad breath, yellow teeth, cavity issues and so on becomes ancient history.


So you can politely find a way around introducing that dream lady to Awesome Dentals.


Don’t take our word for it,  here are some wonderful testimonials from past customers that will do well to convince you.


At Awesome Dentals, you not only become a happy customer but a passionate advocate for us.


Book a free session for that AWESOME lady today. 


5 Nigerian businesses taking advantage of technology to better your health

Technology is ever evolving and with this advancement also comes improvement of the health conditions of humans.

A number of tech-enabled health-focused startups have sprung up in Nigeria having identified some of the associated challenges facing health care in the country.

Here are a couple of them you should be aware of:


Life Bank

Image result for Life Bank

Founder, Temie Giwa-Tubosun and her team have been in the business of saving lives by connecting blood donors with patients in dire need of blood. In addition, oxygen is also being delivered to those in need. The service launched in 2016 with Lagos as the pivotal city. For more info, you should visit https://lifebank.ng


Wella Health

Wella health is in the business of stamping out malaria by connecting you to malaria test kits through nearby pharmacies. It aims to kick out drug abuse which could happen when people result to self-medication in the name of treating malaria they assume is what is bothering them when they experience some malaria symptoms.
Visit wellahealth


Safer Mom

Image result for Safer Mom

As the name may have given away, this business was inspired by the need to keep moms and their children healthy and alive through health education. With Safer Mom, pregnant moms can monitor and track their pregnancy and the development of their baby (for children up to 1 year), while providing them with vital healthcare information in order to make informed health decisions regarding their child(ren). Healthcare providers are able to interface with these mothers on a real-time basis. Visit SaferMom



Image result for Find-a-Med

Find-a-Med is like Google maps, but for health facilities that enables people to easily locate the nearest medical facilities around them. In addition it provides other features such as record keeping of users’ health information, enables users narrow their search for specific healthcare providers (e.g. search for nearest pharmacies, search for nearest optic centre, etc). Find-a-Med is a product of JumpSpace Communications, co-founded by Emeka Onyenwe. Download on Google Play Find-A-Med


Kangpe Health

Image result for kangpe health

Kangpe is a mobile app which connects you with a large database of qualified doctors who are on ground to lend a listening ear to your health complaints and challenges, with the aim of finding a solution to your problem. You’ll find the app as Kangpe for Doctors on google play.  The good guys at Kangpe appear to be the owners or partners with Reliance HMO, who offer monthly plans as well as quarterly and annual for health insurance convenience purposes.

Other notable mentions include Helium Health, Flying Doctors,  Mobidoc  and Omomi  among others.

GREYMATE: Let these pros take care of your elderly ones while you get your hustle on

Imagine a situation where your concentration at work doesn’t have to be divided because you know grandma would have someone to guide her when taking a stroll to visit a friend in the neighborhood.

Picture a scenario where you are not worried about your grandpa wanting to attend a wedding of an old friend’s grandson because there is a trusted person to accompany him.

You are at peace because there is trained personnel to take them to their doctor’s appointment or help remind them to take their prescribed medications as at when due.

I write this with some regret and yet a sense of purpose. I ought to have engaged the helpful service of such a care provider like Greymate for my now late grandmother. I knew she needed a service like this, even when she often writes off the idea of needing some professional care. I took it all for granted and let her be, telling myself such service would be too costly to afford anyway. *Sigh*

Given the circumstances surrounding her demise, I believe she may have still been around if we had rallied round to get her some professional care.

A useful service for the elderly, diasbled - greymate care
An elderly man getting professional Greymate Care service

So when I say with Greymate care, you have one less thing to worry about, you should know I speak from a place of pain and yet obligation to inform others who still have their loved one around to take advantage of services like this.

Greymate is a highly efficient care agency in Nigeria devoted to caring for the vulnerable (above 13 years), elderly, weak, disabled and those recuperating from an ailment or medical treatment, leveraging on state-of-the-art infrastructure, technology and highly trained staff.

So they are not just caring for the elderly but even the vulnerable young and disabled in society.

They class their services into Companionship services, Personal Care services and Home Help services. And there is the option of 24/7 care if you so want, it’s pretty customizable with Greymate Care.

Check them out on their website for more details, and please Spread the word.

7 business and life lessons I took away from watching “The Founder”

7 business and life lessons I took away from movie “The Founder”
Ray Kroc was a man with insatiable hunger for business success (Funk’s House of Geekery)

The Founder is a biopic about the man, Ray that came to be known as the founder of McDonald’s.

The 2016 movie shows how Ray grew McDonald’s from one local store to several chain stores across multiple countries of the world, outsmarting the original founding brothers on his way to acquiring the company. Continue reading “7 business and life lessons I took away from watching “The Founder””

What fascinates me about Copywriting

What is copywriting about
Let’s talk copywriting (Credit: Kopywritingkourse.com)

Copywriting is not for the lazy.

It is a creative art and science that requires a lot of mental exercise to get it right, though some copies may look like a piece of cake producing it.
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