YSBT Weekly: Barry Jhay Takes You To The Heavenlies And Back In This Aspirational Tune ‘Ashe She’

Fast rising singer and 2019 Headies Rookie of the Year winner Barry Jhay takes us to the ‘spiritual realm’ with this indigenous tune off his recently warming EP titled Barry Back 

Barry broke into the limelight with the hit street banger ‘Aiye’ which earned him a nod at the popular Nigerian music award show The Headies 2020 edition.

The chubby crooner makes it known he is a winner already as he sings of God having his back in the midst of the storms. Needless to say how much of an influence and impact songs like this go on to have on its listeners – shining a beam of hope and motivation to succeed against all odds by an artist in a song doesn’t come by every day.

Image courtesy Shazam.com

Barry already got the music-loving locals locked down as he mixes up the Yoruba indigenous sound aptly well with the English language in his lyrics.

We definitely want to see the Cash Nation Records artist hit it big as he’s without a doubt a star in the making. 

Enjoy the smooth ride Barry will take you in this inspirational melody of a song ‘Ashe she’.

Yes, you should bump this (YSBT).

In Judah The EP, Mr Incredible Only Reinforces His Already Familiar Genius

MI Abaga aka Mr Incredible aka Mr Short Black Boy barely needs no introduction as he’s rightly cemented his place in Nigerian music’s upper echelon with the collection of studio and compilation albums,mixtapes, EPs and playlists, which have bestowed upon him numerous awards and recognition.

Judah comes with a rather familiar theme, one we have seen in his previous projects, one that rallies around his values – which is love and  loyalty to those he identifies as family.

The 8-track project boasts some stellar production, fine ass rapping and storytelling in between.

Judah is seen as a transition album meaning one that marks his departure from where the short black boy has called home for over a decade – ‘Chocolate City Music’ to his newly launched label ‘Incredible Music’.

MI enlists the super dope AQ, a fast-rising rap star Alpha Ojini and a couple other acts on this EP.

The parable starts us off with some storytelling illustration that leads us rightly to the next track The Lion where MI cements his place amongst the music greats amidst the backstabbers and fakes in the music jungle.  Abaga makes it clear that he’s one step ahead of them as the King he undoubtedly is.

It’s far from unsurprising  to see Abaga take shots at some unnamed ‘snakes’ in the industry on the track ‘The Commandment’. MI features a relatively unknown act in Buckyraw to drive the point home. 

The shade continues in ‘The Trinity’ featuring AQ. Both rappers roast their foes on this very Hip-Hop ‘make you wanna bump your head to’ savage track. 

The Blood exemplifies the proverbial saying ’There is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother”, suggesting an unsettled rift between the incredible Abaga brothers – MI and Jesse Jagz. MI’s true loyalty to his own, for as many as will stay through to the end. Abaga likens the loyalty to the type of love Jesus preached and taught, paraphrased as ‘’Ain’t no greater love than that which involves laying down his life for his brother”.  

The Sacrifice featuring another new cat Nawe sees MI take us through some love-gone-wrong relationship. The legend shows us his familiar emotional side.

The Warrior features an unpopular voice in a singer named Kauna.  Here MI admits he is not a god but one who through sticking with his guts, vision and conviction was able to overcome the adversity and hurdles in the exciting but tough industry that comes with winning and becoming legendary.  

On The Tribe MI talks about family he calls Judah. In Judah he sees his fans, which includes burgeoning rapper, Alpha Ojini who tells his personal admiration story of Mr Incredible right on the track 

Placed side by side with Judah and  the preceding project A Study On Self Worth: Yxng Dxnzl, there are some overlapping themes MI showcases, which centre around self-worth, self-belief, courage, excellence, loyalty and love.  

Judah EP is a well put together playlist, another feather on the cap of the music maestro Jude ‘Mr Incredible’ Abaga.

Amidst the storytelling, wisdom nuggets, obvious and not so obvious shades, it would be said that in Judah The EP,  Mr Incredible only reinforces his already familiar genius.

BODY GOALS: Nigerians And Their Struggle For Flawless Skin

Everyone wants to come off looking fresh with flawless and glowing skin all the time.

Unfortunately, all that yummy goodness from the Pepperoni Pizza you love all too well would not let your smooth skin be awesome due to the saturated fat in the cheese.

The face which is more often than not the first point of contact in our interaction with others is usually the body part that gets a bashing from skin breakouts.

Imagine what it could do to your self-confidence striking up a convo with a damsel at work or at an owambe party having an unsightly bump somewhere across your cheek?

More worrying are the scars and blemishes the pimples and other skin diseases leave behind after clearing out as this detailed article by a skin specialist points out.

Pimples breakout (Photo credit: Nigeria Galleria)

Some folks attribute the constant breakouts on their face to hereditary factors so much they give up fighting, seeing it as their fate.

Then there is the other factor asides diet which involves misguided application of certain creams on the skin and its consequent effects.

African females are chiefly the culprit here, Nigerian ladies in particular, who mess around with their natural set skin only to end up with a disastrous look after all is said and done.

Source: quickanddirtytips.com

In this part of the world, some Nigerian women out of sheer insecurities and lack of self-esteem have been reported attempting to transform their natural dark skin colour to a lighter tone with bleaching creams. The use of these seemingly harmless chemicals has skyrocketed over the past decade.

Beautiful Nigerian lady who started bleaching at 19 reveals why she stopped Photo Source: Teniola Kashaam

You could easily walk on the road and spot a lady with two obviously contrasting skin complexions – picture a face as bright as Michael Jackson’s (No offence) matched with a natural dark skinned pair of legs.

Amongst the legit skin and beauty entrepreneurs are some mindless bunch in the business who sell products with the promise of enhancing your appearance with skin lightening products but end up disfiguring the looks of young impressionable women.

It tells you there is cause for concern because these otherwise natural skin lightening creams are either adulterated or unregulated to the detriment of unsuspecting consumers who just want to appear more attractive.

To confirm the craze and demand for skin lightening products by Nigerian ladies, in 2018 American model Blac Chyna made her way down to Nigeria to launch her skin lightening face cream.

Blac Chyna (L) and Dencia ® (Photo source : dcodedtv)

She did this in collaboration with a controversial Nigerian-Cameroonian singer known as Dencia whom herself is in the cosmetic business of selling skin brightening products..

The intention of this write-up is not to condemn skin lightening as a beauty regimen for dark-skinned folks, rather it’s to educate and inform you.

In that light there are two often mixed up concepts related to skin lightening – Toning and bleaching.

There is a difference between toning and bleaching of the skin.

Toning involves using toners, washes, lotions, and serums to cleanse the skin. The process helps shrink pores. In some cases people tone (some based on dermatologist’s prescription) to even out uneven skin tone, correct dark spots, discolorations and so on.

Toning should be viewed as part of a skin cleansing process because it benefits the skin, gets rid of dead skin cells and reveals a newer, clearer, cleaner and fresher skin. It automatically brightens dull skin as well.

Skin bleaching, however, involves using chemicals to lighten/whiten the skin. Skin bleaching products in the form of cream, soap, washes and more often contain harsh and toxic chemicals that strips and exposes the skin, disrupting melanin production amongst others.

A common ingredient for bleaching is Mercury, a chemical that can cause skin thinning, premature skin aging, and acne (pimples) reactions amongst other unpleasant effects when abused.

But like earlier noted, it shouldn’t have to be all hopeless and gloomy.

With the right consultative advice from a health-focused platforms like webMD, Livestrong, emedihealth, unwanted breakouts and skin disorders can be contained.

In the final analysis, that old cliche ‘Prevention is better than cure’ does help make life much easier.

And in this case, prevention is by getting credible health-related education online where it is easily accessible.

This keeps more money in your pockets and that priceless beaming smile on your face 🙂

5 Startups Bringing Some Sanity And Comfort To Lagos Living

Lagos, the most glorified city in recent times out of Africa has its fair share of chaos and disorder but still holds promise with the array of ideas that are turning into problem solutions for Lagosians 

These startups since their inception have been adding some comfort and sanity to Lagos living and beyond for some.

It has to be said that there are more than five of these businesses bringing some social business value to the community they serve

That said, Here are my five picks of startups doing really good stuff 


5 startups bringing some comfort and sanity to Lagos
Plentywaka is giving public transport in Lagos a facelift one route at a time (Image Source : Technext.ng)

One of the things Lagos is notorious for is its dire public transport system, from bad roads to horrendous traffic. Plentywaka has taken the much needed bold step to ease public transport shuttling, and it can only get better from here on, provided government regulation doesn’t stifle their operations like they have done considerably with the tricycles and bikes. Bad roads are also a critical factor tied to the success and state-wide penetration of Plentywaka and other bus-hailing startups, so we hope there is speedy improvement in that regard.


Wesabi is the Platform You’ve Been Looking for to get Verified Handymen in Lagos
You know how you are boxed in a corner when your generator breaks down or water is not running from the taps, that’s where Wesabi comes in (Image source – Technext.ng)

Almost every household faces one breakdown or the other – from leaky pipes to rats taking over your house. Enter Wesabi, with whom you have one less thing to worry about. There are packages to choose from on a subscription basis. In these times where it’s rather easier to cross a busy express road eyes closed than finding a reliable and accountable artisan, Lagosians could use a vetting platform like Wesabi to take care of that worry.


Edenlife, a startup bringing some convenience to Lagos living
Edenlife is here for those who hate chores or don’t have time for it {Source: Technext.ng)

Seriously, Living and working in Lagos is an extreme sport. It takes a superwoman and superman to come back home from a hellish Lagos traffic and enter the kitchen to prepare a fresh meal. So more than half of Lagos either retires to fast food, Indomie and egg combination or a frozen meal – which is left at the mercy of uninterrupted power supply (Shout-out to NEPA).  Also, there is the laundry, cleaning routine on weekends, and many more chores we’d rather do away with. Edenife is your answer to those prayers right now at varying subscription prices depending on which areas you desperately need help with. Looking at their pricing, you would have to agree with me that the cost of pampering yourself in Lagos and anyplace else for a fact could be pricey. But you know you will be getting the value for your buck.


Human recruitment startup, TORA bringing some sanity to Lagos living
Bringing qualified workforce your way, particularly in the informal sector is TORA Africa’s mandate (Source: Toraafrica.com)

Corruption and unaccountability in the Nigerian system are producing unqualified workers. Take for instance the culpability of Lagos Motor Vehicle Administration Authority in their duty to oversee the process of obtaining driver’s licenses; many of us including myself skip the expected driving school just to skip the process. So it’s assumed by the licensing body that the driver is competent on the wheels. They mostly look the other way and collect fast-track bribes for the issuance of these licenses. This, unsurprisingly, has churned out uncultured and dangerous drivers behind the wheels including those of cars, tricycles, trailers, and bikes. So you see avoidable accidents happening. Tora as a human recruitment startup has taken it upon themselves to train, verify and hand over competent hands, mostly in the informal sector to those in dire need of such services. thereby reducing disasters on roads.


Wemsrsa is an overdue startup needed in Lagos traffic obstructions
For car owners with unexpected vehicle breakdowns, Wems-RSA is your plug (Source: Wemsrsa.com)

We all get empathetic when we see a car broken down in the middle of nowhere and wonder if help will ever come, if they would get to figure out the problem that day, how much they would have to cart away with when the savage government toll operators come hard on the vehicle owner with hefty toll away fees, or worse still if those unfortunate street miscreants end up pouncing on the car owner and robbing him of his possessions or offering to assist with the promise of extorting the vulnerable victim of circumstances. Imagine how everything could go wrong. 

Then also imagine a dedicated service like Wems -Road Side Assistance coming to your rescue and making all that problem go away. Lagos can breathe a sigh of relief as this has been made a reality. What’s more, is how incredibly affordable the service is for the average Joe. Vetted technicians dealing with vehicle fixes – your mechanic, electrician etcetera will be at your beck and call when you do find yourself in that stressful situation. Yes, call them Lifesavers and you wouldn’t be taking it too far.

There are many more of these startups solving practical problems peculiar to Lagos, we can only hope the business doesn’t get crippled by bad management and bad government policies. Kudos to the founders!