5 Nigerian businesses taking advantage of technology to better your health

Technology is ever evolving and with this advancement also comes improvement of the health conditions of humans.

A number of tech-enabled health-focused startups have sprung up in Nigeria having identified some of the associated challenges facing health care in the country.

Here are a couple of them you should be aware of:


Life Bank

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Founder, Temie Giwa-Tubosun and her team have been in the business of saving lives by connecting blood donors with patients in dire need of blood. In addition, oxygen is also being delivered to those in need. The service launched in 2016 with Lagos as the pivotal city. For more info, you should visit https://lifebank.ng


Wella Health

Wella health is in the business of stamping out malaria by connecting you to malaria test kits through nearby pharmacies. It aims to kick out drug abuse which could happen when people result to self-medication in the name of treating malaria they assume is what is bothering them when they experience some malaria symptoms.
Visit wellahealth


Safer Mom

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As the name may have given away, this business was inspired by the need to keep moms and their children healthy and alive through health education. With Safer Mom, pregnant moms can monitor and track their pregnancy and the development of their baby (for children up to 1 year), while providing them with vital healthcare information in order to make informed health decisions regarding their child(ren). Healthcare providers are able to interface with these mothers on a real-time basis. Visit SaferMom



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Find-a-Med is like Google maps, but for health facilities that enables people to easily locate the nearest medical facilities around them. In addition it provides other features such as record keeping of users’ health information, enables users narrow their search for specific healthcare providers (e.g. search for nearest pharmacies, search for nearest optic centre, etc). Find-a-Med is a product of JumpSpace Communications, co-founded by Emeka Onyenwe. Download on Google Play Find-A-Med


Kangpe Health

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Kangpe is a mobile app which connects you with a large database of qualified doctors who are on ground to lend a listening ear to your health complaints and challenges, with the aim of finding a solution to your problem. You’ll find the app as Kangpe for Doctors on google play.  The good guys at Kangpe appear to be the owners or partners with Reliance HMO, who offer monthly plans as well as quarterly and annual for health insurance convenience purposes.

Other notable mentions include Helium Health, Flying Doctors,  Mobidoc  and Omomi  among others.