You Should Bump This (YSBT) Weekly: Yinka Bernie — Rockstar (feat. AYLØ)

Hey guys, hope y’all been having a profitable week. I bring to you this week’s jam you should totally be bumpin’ to. It’s from a young talented Nigerian lad, a skilful producer, engineer & singer. Goes to say he wears three musical hats pretty well. I remember interviewing Yinka while I was at Pulse Nigeria. The dude was all laidback like he couldn’t be stressed by anything.

Aided by another fantastic bubbling artist AYLØ, Yinka delivers ‘Rockstar’ with some deft sampling, that would get you nodding instinctively to the catchy beat. Without further ado, BUMP to the unique sounds of Yinka Bernie and AYLØ.


You Should Bump This Weekly Series (#YSBTweekly) – Pilot Episode

Hello there, so I thought of an idea where I share one song I think y’all should be bumping to by weekend.  Yeah it’s that simple. Hoping to be consistent on this one, and finding a regular time to publish. Rest assured these song selections would find their place on those cool playlists of yours. It’s essentially going to be music with no geographical boundaries. So I could be hitting you with music from the Caribbean this week and the next, music from Southern Africa. Also, the music picks don’t necessarily have to be spanking new. It could be a year old or even a decade long old. That’s the beauty of this idea.

First stop is this one titled ‘I Wish I Missed My Ex’ by Mahalia, a British singer, songwriter and actress who is actually quite prolific having a number of records to her name. I’m as a matter of fact still exploring her discography.

‘I Wish I Missed My Ex’ is a hippy and relatable feel-good love song most folks can relate to. And even if you can’t relate because you are not yet having romantic relationships or you have a good thing going on with your partner, you will still love and bump to the song.

Check out the tune below:

For a breakdown of how she made the song along with getting a hang of the song’s lyrics should you not be sure about a particular line, you can head on to the good guys at Genius.