Tomi Owo, Oxlade, Omagz: Nigerian Artists making music almost ‘unreal’

These are not your everyday Nigerian musicians, not your Wizkids and Davidos, but their music speaks volumes only good music enthusiasts would appreciate.

The average Nigerian music listeners as much as they appreciate music that makes us shake our bum, we also appreciate music that speaks to our soul, that’s what the music of Tomi Owo, Oxlade, Omagz among many others does.

These guys are relatively unpopular by all standards, still growing their fan base, still grinding, putting out beautiful music and getting better on their craft.


Tomi Owo is on the verge of dropping a debut (LP) album after blessing us with cover songs, collaborations and a couple of songs of her own. One thing I can say about her is she’s got an incredible management that’s getting her some really cool gigs. She has even performed out of  Nigeria, in far away China.  Tomi has worked with Samsung, her music has been used as a soundtrack in a Nigerian movie in which she even acted in. The future is bright for this talented beauty.

Omagz has been steady building momentum with his music, the R&B music styled act’s vocals is one you can’t duplicate. He does it so damn well when he sings about relatable stories such as those bothering on relationships.


Oxlade came from nowhere blowing my mind away with the song ‘Ojoro’, a song detailing just what his intentions are in the music business and also how much of a talent he is, so much Davido acknowledged him, saying something along the lines of ”Where have you been all the while” which kind of suggests he may just be unveiled as a DMW act if he keeps things consistent.


These trio are just a selected few out of many other buzzing talents out there. Given more exposure and support structure, these class of artists are set to take the industry by storm.

GREYMATE: Let these pros take care of your elderly ones while you get your hustle on

Imagine a situation where your concentration at work doesn’t have to be divided because you know grandma would have someone to guide her when taking a stroll to visit a friend in the neighborhood.

Picture a scenario where you are not worried about your grandpa wanting to attend a wedding of an old friend’s grandson because there is a trusted person to accompany him.

You are at peace because there is trained personnel to take them to their doctor’s appointment or help remind them to take their prescribed medications as at when due.

I write this with some regret and yet a sense of purpose. I ought to have engaged the helpful service of such a care provider like Greymate for my now late grandmother. I knew she needed a service like this, even when she often writes off the idea of needing some professional care. I took it all for granted and let her be, telling myself such service would be too costly to afford anyway. *Sigh*

Given the circumstances surrounding her demise, I believe she may have still been around if we had rallied round to get her some professional care.

A useful service for the elderly, diasbled - greymate care
An elderly man getting professional Greymate Care service

So when I say with Greymate care, you have one less thing to worry about, you should know I speak from a place of pain and yet obligation to inform others who still have their loved one around to take advantage of services like this.

Greymate is a highly efficient care agency in Nigeria devoted to caring for the vulnerable (above 13 years), elderly, weak, disabled and those recuperating from an ailment or medical treatment, leveraging on state-of-the-art infrastructure, technology and highly trained staff.

So they are not just caring for the elderly but even the vulnerable young and disabled in society.

They class their services into Companionship services, Personal Care services and Home Help services. And there is the option of 24/7 care if you so want, it’s pretty customizable with Greymate Care.

Check them out on their website for more details, and please Spread the word.