Can’t our musicians make a hit without profanity in their songs?

Lil Kesh and Olamide had no business putting out a song like ‘Logo Benz’. The excuse of trying to portray what is going on in the society does not fly. The delivery of the lyrics begs to differ.

Codeine diet by DJ Enimoney promoting drug abuse is ridiculously popular among the same youths we’re trying to get away from drug abuse.

Can profanity in our Nigerian music be taken out totally?
Tiwa Savage in music video of ‘Codeine diet'(Youtube)


These lyrics subconsciously play on the minds of young ones who may know better but are overthrown by peer pressure.

There is only so much the NBC can do.

Making irresponsible music should not be the way to go. Yet you see brands giving endorsement deals to these musicians because they put popularity first before values.

We are all guilty of one moral decadence or the other, but the point here is to try and do better.

And as much as the obscenity in music is there, the consumers of the music also have a responsibility to discern what is right and what’s not. It behooves on us to chasten each other in love as much and tell ourselves that as much as we enjoy this music, and love these artists, we cannot afford to let any toxic music coming from any artist influence our behaviors negatively

Mind over matter.

Yours musically.